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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 14:31

Interior design is about much more than just furniture. It is talking with you and asking a lot of questions. Who will use your residence? How much time do you anticipate being here? Will it also be used as a rental? What are your likes and dislikes? What colors do you find pleasing? What styles do you like?

The relationship between our clients and our design firm is built on mutual trust and respect. And yes, if we don’t think the “fit” is good with a particular client we have recommended on more than one occasion that they go elsewhere. 

It is walking the site, or, if it is in the planning stages, carefully going over the plans to see the physical layout.

Once we all have decided we will work well together we can start the actual design process of putting together colors, furniture, window coverings, lamps, lighting, rugs, carpeting, bedding, artwork and accessories. 

In our downtown Telluride studio we have a huge selection of gorgeous custom fabrics, leather samples and wood finishes in our downtown Telluride studio and will present you with design options that reflect your vision, taste, color palette and budget.

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