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Sunday, 02 January 2011 22:52

Often times a general lighting plan may not address the specific needs of the client who is building or purchasing a property.  By talking with you we will determine the perfect lighting needs for all of those special spaces in your home.

The dining room chandelier box on the plans may not be centered over the dining table you have chosen or you read every night in bed before you go to sleep and need light you can read by.

We represent many fabulous lighting companies and always first try to use existing lighting fixtures.  But sometimes a standard lighting fixture just doesn’t work.  Your dining room table may be too long and the chandelier won’t illuminate the entire length of the table or the ceiling in your entry is not high enough for the fixtures you want. Then, working with the artisans at our lighting companies, we create a fixture that will fit the space perfectly.  The cost on this is often not much more than choosing one of their stock products and the results are a perfect finished product!

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